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Supporting people affected by Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.


Muscle strength and stamina are important factors in how much your CMT will affect you later in life.

Teenage years are the easiest time for building up strength and endurance as your blood is full of growth hormones and adrenaline. If you push yourself now, you’ll be knackered for a few days but you will get a continued benefit for years to come.

If it’s hard to motivate yourself,  visualise yourself in 5 years time – If you carry on in the same way will your legs hurt more or less than they do now?

Don’t think of exercise as something about losing weight or having big muscles – just doing something to keep muscles stretched and joints flexible.

And lets be honest for a change – physio is code for ‘go and get moaned at by someone who looks like they should be in an art gallery for humans, print off some diagrams to remind you how to do the painful exercises at home, then find the crib sheets 6 months later at the back of the cupboard where you keep the night splints you have never worn.’

BUT – it does help, trust me!  It really does!

Check out this new guide, published by our friends at the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, for lots of hints and tips.  I know it says for adults, but lots of it will work for you too.



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